what activities to do with your toddler

What Activities To Do With Your Toddler?

Have a toddler at home who’s just sitting and sleeping all day long? Believe me, it can be quite boring and also unhealthy to them. Toddlers need to be kept active for a better part of the day. And it helps so much when you’re around to build that strong bond between you and your child. There’s a whole lot of activities you can engage your toddler in. In this article, we look at the boredom buster activities that will help your child develop, both in body and mind. Welcome and let’s walk it through!

Reading books

It’s quite good in case your child gets to read in the early stage of development. And there’s no better way to do that than getting a couple of toddler books and teach them how to read. Well, it can be quite tricky at first. And that’s why you need to make it more of a daily routine doing it at least 30 minutes a day. To help boost your child’s reading ability, it’s recommended that the wordings go hand in hand with pictures. You can achieve this by using pinup pictures that correspond to the specific wordings or names. This will help create a visual impression, something that’s quite hard to forget.

Memory game

Choose to jog your toddler’s memory a little bit. You can do this by opting for the shell memory game. In this game, you collect a number of shells and turn them into a fun game. This kind of game is specially meant to jog your kid’s mathematical memory. Therefore if you want to cultivate a mathematician in your kid, the shell memory game is the way to go.

Introduce organization

Your kid needs to learn how to stay organized or rather keep things organized. Get to keep certain household items in specific places and label them for easy identification. Turn it into a guess game asking your kid where certain items belong. For instance, ask them where the toys need to be placed or where the shoes need to be stored. Make it a process as it’s a good way of teaching kids about responsibilities.

Toddle sensory games

Get to develop your toddler’s sense of smell, touch and taste. Achieve this by letting them explore materials with their fingers, mouth and nose. To develop their sense of touch, try experimenting with materials that have different textures and asking your kid how if feels.

Toddler art and craft

This is a fun activity that most toddlers won’t resist. But then, it can be quite a struggle. Go slow on it getting more creative with your kid. You can choose to settle for some creative book games to help walk you through the process. Some activities, such as toddler piece building games can help too. And one more thing – you need to be creative to help your kid get the most out of it.


These are one of the coolest activities to do with your toddlers. They’re both educational and fun, something that makes your child happy while slowly developing their brain. Give one of these cool ideas a try and experience the long-term results they’ve got to offer.


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