How To Teach Your Kid To Ride A Bike

How To Teach Your Kid To Ride A Bike

So your kid is not a toddler any more and you want to teach him/her how to ride a bike? Riding is a skill that every parent would love to pass on to their kids. However, riding for the first time isn’t easy. It requires lots of time for your kid to master the basics. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that most parents find the teaching process quite stressful. But there’s an easy step-by-step process that will let your kid master the basics quickly.

1. Gauge if your kid is ready

Riding is not something that you just force into your kid. You need to ensure that your kid is old enough to hit the road. The ideal age to start off is between 3.5 to 4.5. However, if your kid is of age and isn’t ready yet, then exercise some patience and wait for the right time. Alternatively, you can use some tricks to cultivate that passion of riding in them. This can be done by letting them watch other kids riding .

2. Choose the right bike

You need to shop smart when choosing the right bike for your kid. The size of the wheel matters since you want your child’s feet to touch the ground. Wheel sizes of 12 to 16 inches might work great. Remember to go for a lighter bike as it takes less power to set into motion.

3. Start easy

You don’t just start on any bike. Rather, you need to begin with a push bike, one that has no pedals. This is a bike that will help your child build confidence and teach them how to balance. Alternatively, you can choose to start with training wheels for a few weeks. However, training wheels can make the child too comfy and there’s little adventure in them. Therefore, just start with a push bike.

4. Choose a suitable area

The first lesson needs to be done on a safe ground. Find an open space that is smooth and flat, such as a paved playground or a well-trimmed field. An open ground will make your kid less nervous and give a softer landing in case the bike loses control. What’s more, it will keep them safe from traffic.

5. Give support in the first lessons

Support is quite crucial in the first stage of the learning process. Most parents tend to grasp the saddle or handlebars when giving support. That’s not advisable since you’ll be interfering with your child’s ability to balance and control the bike. The best way to give support is by wedging the rear wheel between your hands. In this way, your child will have complete control over the bike.

6. Gradually let go

As your child builds confidence, you can slowly let go but stay on alert to give support whenever needed. At this stage, you can teach them how to make corners or do turns.

7. Let them start off on their own

Now that your kid has grasped the basics of riding, it’s time that you let them start off on their own without any support. It might take a few practices before they get the hang of it. Depending with your kid, the whole process might take hours, days, or even a whole week to master.


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