How To Clean Your Face Skin At Home: The 6 Simple Tips To Daily Facial Cleansing

How To Clean Your Face Skin At Home: The 6 Simple Tips To Daily Facial Cleansing

The face is one of the most exposed part of the body, something that makes it prone to dirt and other environmental contaminants. But then, there’s a way that you can keep it clean right at the comfort of your home. All you have to do is just follow the simple steps below and make it a daily routine.

1. Know your skin type

Before even starting your cleansing procedure, you first need to understand the type of skin you have. Is it normal, oily, dry, or sensitive? A normal skin has the right balance of oil and moisture while an oily skin sports that shiny and greasy appearance a few hours after washing. A dry skin sports a flaky look while those with sensitive skins tend to have a skin that is tight and itchy, often experiencing allergic reactions to certain chemicals.

2. Cleansing

The cleanser you pick should be based on the type of skin you have. You can do some tests by experimenting with the different face washes and find the one that works best for you. There are two types of cleansing to choose from; face wash or facial cleanser. When doing a face wash, always try to avoid using ordinary soap since it has a tendency to strip of the natural oils on the face. Avoid rinsing with hot water and instead go for warm or cool water to help keep the skin from drying. Alternatively, you can speed up the whole process by using an electric cleansing face brush.

3. Dry gently with a towel

Pat the skin dry using a clean towel to avoid transferring bacteria to the face. Ensure to pat it gently to remove any remaining dirt and unclog the pores.

4. Apply facial scrub

The next step is to eliminate the dead skin cells, something that’s better achieved by applying a facial scrub. And you don’t have to use the expensive facial scrubs bought on the stores. You can make yours right at home by mixing equal parts of honey and sugar. The facial scrub should be done for at least 5 minutes and then spare some few minutes prior to drying it off.

5. Use toners

Even after the cleansing and facial scrub, there might still be some oil and dead skin cells left on the skin. The trick to eliminating this is by using a toner that adds some active ingredients to the skin, such as exfoliates, retinoids, and antioxidants. Ensure to find the right toner for your skin and remember to keep away from alcohol-based toners since they tend to be too drying. You can opt for a home-made toner, such as cucumber juice, which helps maintain the right PH balance. Apply it on the face and avoid contact with the eyes.

6. Apply a moisturiser

Get a softer skin and improve its tone by finishing with a facial moisturiser. Apply it on the face and the neck area. Ensure not to touch the skin for best results.

Remember to make the process a routine early in the morning and the evenings. Supplement these at-home facial cleaning tips by drinking plenty of water and observing a healthy diet that includes vegetables and fruits.


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