Can a Good Mattress Help Your Skin and Health?

Can a Good Mattress Help Your Skin and Health?

Investing in a good mattress is quite important for your overall health. But when talking about a good mattress, it doesn’t mean digging deeper in your pocket for that expensive brand. What you need is a mattress that conforms to your desired level of comfort. In short, what seems good to you might not be that appealing to another person.

Well, back to the topic – what health benefits do you get from sleeping on a good mattress? Below, we look at the major health benefits that will make you ditch away your old bad mattress.

1. Reduces Stress

A good mattress might be a perfect way of helping zap your stress. Compared to regular mattresses, sleeping on medium-firm mattresses, such as memory foam mattresses help reduced stress factors. These include nervousness, irritability, trembling, headache, among others. This is achieved through increased sleep quality and decreased pain usually associated with firmer sleeping platforms.

2. Great for Allergies

Old mattresses are a home to dust mites. These microscopic creatures are know to feed on dead skin cells shed naturally on your bed. Though that might seem a positive thing for the skin, some people just can’t stand the sight of these buggers. A new mattress with allergy-proof cover provides a perfect solution, especially for asthmatic patients.

3. Reduces Back Pains

A low quality mattress forces you to sleep in a more unnatural position that tends to twist and strain your back. Such an awkward position may eventually injure your back, something that leads to back pains. A good mattress provides a soft and supportive platform that lets you sleep comfortably with your back straight.

4. Minimizes Risk of Obesity

Strange as it might sound, a good mattress will help you fight off obesity. When sleeping on a bad mattress, you often tend to stay awake during the night, something that leads to drowsiness and lack of energy. Sometimes, this sleep deprivation leads to overeating in order to replace the lost energy. And considering that there’s no increase in your activity level, this might lead to obesity.

5. Improves Immune System

Sleep deprivation tends to make you feel sick. This is because it wears down the immune system, which lowers the body’s defense mechanism against illnesses, such as fever and common cold. A good mattress keeps you protected from such illnesses by providing the comfort and support needed for a great sleep.

6. Improves Memory

Our memory tends to fade following a bad night’s sleep. A good night’s sleep plays an important role in creating memories. It helps us recall and form memories, something that allows you to remember the events that happen to you during sleep. Just as the name implies, memory foam mattresses are a more preferred choice in case you want to boost your memories during sleep.

7. Minimizes Risk of Premature Aging

A bad mattress might lead to black half-moon shaped marks beneath your eyes. This has both a long-term and short-term effect on the health of your skin. The sound sleep you get from a good mattress leaves your skin looking young, something that minimizes the signs of aging.


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