Best Sitting Positions During Pregnancy

Best Sitting Positions During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, you’ll get all kinds of advice – some of it good, some of it no so helpful. Though the list of things you have to do is long and detailed, it’s important that you take your sitting posture during the various stages of pregnancy into great consideration. This will help you deal with the common complain of back pains. Read on to know the best sitting posture during your pregnancy period.

Best sitting posture during your pregnancy

It is important, particularly during the third trimester, to sit upright with the knees bend at 90 degrees and the pelvis tilted slightly forward. In doing so, ensure that you don’t cross your legs in order to improve circulation and prevent varicose veins and swelling.

The sitting positions need to be adjusted more often for good blood flow. A good rule is that you shouldn’t assume the same sitting position for a period of more than 30 minutes. A good way to do that is to stand up and stretch after at least every hour of sitting then resume your sitting position.

Those that sit on recliner chairs are more tempted to slouch. Well, as comfortable as it might feel, slouching isn’t good for your spine. It makes the baby lay in posterior position, a posture that brings the baby’s spine closest to yours. It’s always recommended that the baby lays in the anterior position, which is the optimal position for labor. This helps prevent back labor while making the baby’s transition into the world easier.

If you prefer sitting on the floor, then it’s recommended that you do it the cobbler style. In this posture, you sit straight up bending the knees and putting the bottoms of your feet together. This is a good posture that functions to prepare the hips for labor by keeping it nice and flexible. You can adjust more often for maximum comfort and relaxation. An alternative to the cobbler style is the Indian sitting style that involves sitting cross legged.

One item that will aid more in proving the right sitting posture is a balance ball. In recent years, it has become almost a must-have pregnancy item designed to provide maximum comfort. During selection, ensure that you get the right one for your height in order to get the most comfort.

A balance ball functions to improve core strength and stabilize the pelvis. This item is very crucial in the third trimester and it is recommended that you spend more time sitting up on it. The benefits of using a balance ball is the fact that it prepares the pelvis for labor and helps it get into the right position.


In conclusion, there are certain sitting postures that you need to avoid during pregnancy. Bending forward while sitting is not recommended as it tends to put more pressure on the abdomen. Sitting with the legs hanging is not a good idea as it encourages more blood flow to the legs, something the leads to swelling. Lastly, avoid the half-sitting position especially when in bed since it tends to put more pressure on the back and cause pain.


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